We love teaming up with YouTube shows that review magic tricks and products for magicians.

If you have a magic show that you broadcast on Youtube, and would like to review items that are supplied by The Merchant of Magic, then we can help you receive them without any cost to you, and provide you with an income stream to support your channel. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Become a Merchant of Magic Partner

We will show you how to create your own personal links to the Merchant of Magic website or to any specific product that is on the site. It's very quick and easy to set up.  Here's how to sign up and become a partner:



Step 2: Select some items you already own and want to review

Browse the site and make a list of items you already own and that your viewers will love to watch you do a review. Remember, it's good to discuss both the positive and the negative aspects of items, from your own experience, so choose items you don't like as well as those that you love.  When starting to review items, the best ones are often those that you are very familiar with and have performed, so starting with items you have owned for a while is a sure fire way to make a great first impression with your reviews, and give advice and opinions based on your use. Those items will often be ones that you care about, as you own them. This really makes them the best choice to begin with.


Step 3: Create Affiliate links for each of the review products

Once you have a MoM Affiliate account, you can make a unique link for each of your review items.

Step 4: Add the product links into your YouTube videos

You could simply make one link for the main page of MagicShop.co.uk that you can mention to your viewers in the video. A much more popular method is to add the links to each product you review into the video description text. Then your viewers can click on the link after watching the video and find out more about the item and order it if they wish.


Step 5: Earn commission

Each time one of your viewers clicks one of your affiliate links and places an order, you get commission for the sale. That's on the whole order, not just the item you reviewed. You also get a commission each time that person returns to the shop for the next 30 days! You can login to your affiliate account at any time and monitor how well you are doing.


Step 6: Receive magic items from us to review.

Once you have created some reviews of items you already own, it's time to start reviewing new releases! You can use the affiliate commission you earn to order any items from the magic shop. This builds up very quickly as you post more reviews over time and get more subscribers. Each video you publish continues to bring in the commission to you as long as you keep it published. After a while, as you add more and more reviews, you will be getting a significant amount of revenue from your affiliate links. You will probably find that you can order more new magic than you can review, so you have the option of banking the excess commission instead of using it all to get magic. This will really help with the running costs of an established YouTube show.


Step 7: Promote your show

Make sure you promote your show as much as possible. Advertise it on popular forums and blogs. Be sure to send us a link to each new show as we may be able to help promote it too. If we like it, we can blog about your show to our subscribers. They will love to watch your reviews as well!



Remember not to expose the secret of the trick when you review it. Give your HONEST opinion of a magic trick or item. Feature both the positive and the negative points about it in your opinion. Remember, if you give some criticism of someones trick, be respectful to them. Not being a fan of an item is fine, but be polite and make sure you give a valid reason for your opinions, viewers will be interested in your reasons.